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1590 AM

About KWWQ

KWWQ is a low power Part 15 broadcast station located in the small town of Leadington Missouri. Part 15 refers to the ability of individuals to broadcast on the AM and FM band using extremely low power levels, specifically no more than 100 milliwatts of power in accordance with FCC regulations. 

KWWQ began airing a mix of old time radio shows, with news updates, and local weather in 2019 over the AM band at 1590 AM locally. Daytime signal covers a few blocks, and at night the signal is greatly reduced due to the nature of AM propagation characteristics.


Beginning in April of 2022 we made the decision to begin broadcasting online to attract more listeners and broaden the KWWQ reach. KWWQ is a hobby station, unlike the commercial stations of today that seek financial gain, solely at the expense of listener enjoyment.  Our goal is to keep commercials to a minimum, and keep the old time radio shows rolling. 

KWWQ is a part 15 compliant low power station, operating on 1590 KHZ 24 hour a day, 7 days a week with 100 millawatts of power. KWWQ utilizes a three-tube vintage transmitter to ensure excellent, rich tones across the airwaves, serving our small listenership in Leadington.

Anyone may utilize the AM broadcast band for radio transmissions under Part 15 of FCC regulations, as long as the output power is 100 millawatts or less and meets certain antenna requirements. KWWQ adheres to these specifications.  1590 KHZ is a locally free frequency with no commercial station broadcasting at that frequency. KWWQ conducts a frequency check on a regular basis to ensure we do not interfere with any commercial stations in the local area. KWWQ is a nonprofit, noncommercial, Hobby broadcast station.


KWWQ is a Part 15 BMI licensed station.


Check back often for changes to our program schedule which is listed below. If you wish to contact the station master, please use the contact option at the top of the page. Feel free to send us reception reports, and general remarks. Please let us know if we are causing any type of interference so that we can correct the problem immediately. 


If you have difficulty in receiving a clear signal locally, try rotating your AM radio in different directions, as the AM antenna is located inside of your quality radio, and not externally like the telescoping FM antenna. Household appliances offer interference that may hinder reception such as florescent lighting, flat screen television, microwaves, etc. If you are receiving a noisy signal, try moving your radio away from such devices.


If reception fails you, listen to us online  at live365, give me radio app on roku, or right here on this website. 


Thanks for listening to KWWQ






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More about Part 15 Broadcasting

What is Part 15 Radio?




Part 15 refers to the section of Federal Communications Commission Code that governs unlicensed radio transmissions.


The regulations severely restrict non licensed FM (88-108 Mhz0 broadcast to a range of about 200 ft, useful for such purposes as drive-in movie theater audio.


Unlicensed AM (540-1700 Khz) radio broadcasts are limited to one-thnth of a watt transmitting power as opposed to licensed stations, which range from 500-50,000 watts), and depending on the quality of transmitter, antenna, signal and other factors have a range of a few blocks to many miles.


These stations must not give any interference to existing stations and must receive all interference (they can't complain about signals from any other station).


A "pirate" station is one that exceeds these limits and is illegal.


Content of the broadcasts are not restricted by the FCC regulation.  Stations may be either commercial or nonprofit.



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